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  • Why do you need my address and other personal information?
    When registering for Nationals, we need each student's home address, birthdate, and grade, so we gather that information at the start of the Fine Arts year to make it easier on our registration coordinator. Your information is securely stored until needed, then removed from our system.
  • Do I have to register for the whole year?
    Yes. We require students to register for the year so they receive the fullness of our program, which goes beyond preparing for the performances we do. With limited exceptions, we do not allow students to drop or register in the middle of the year. We treat each situation differently and with prayer. If you find you have a need that requires you to drop in the middle of the year, we encourage you to speak with the leadership team. Similarly, if you just found out about our program, or have a situation you believe may qualify you for mid-year registration, please do not hesitate to reach out.
  • What are "Districts" and "Nationals"?"
    Districts and Nationals are the two Fine Arts competitions hosted by the Assemblies of God church. It is a wonderful, encouraging, and building experience. Unlike many traditional competitions, this one is centered around encouraging and equipping youth to grow in their gifts. Districts takes place in Orlando in April of every year. For those who advance to Nationals (typically this is most/all of our youth), Nationals will take place in August and, in 2022, will be hosted in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Is my child required to attend Districts and Nationals?
    While no child will be required to attend either competition, we strongly advise committing to both upon joining our program. Our teaching typically involves material we are refining for these competitions and in group categories such as Drama or Human Video, it can be difficult to choreograph or cast during the spring season. If you have concerns, questions, or would like more information, get in touch with us and we would be happy to chat!
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