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Reveal. Refine. Release Revival.

At Overflow Fine Arts, our goal is to help students refine and release their gifts through discipleship. Founded in 2017, our Fine Arts program has grown from a few students in a vocal class to over 60 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade in categories like drama, choir, human video, art, musical theater, photography, graphic design, songwriting, and more!


Fine Arts is a program that helps students discover, develop, and deploy their God-given gifts through discipleship. Students have the opportunity to learn through our core classes of Choir, Drama, and Human Video, as well as a wide number and range of mentor categories. 


Each spring, students have the opportunity to present what they have been working on at District Fine Arts in Orlando, FL. Each performance is judged by a panel of three judges, who offer constructive feedback for students' growth. It is a fun time of learning and bonding for students.

For students who are chosen by the judges to advance, they will again perform for a new set of judges at Nationals in late summer. The location of Nationals alternates between Orlando, FL, and various cities across the US. In 2023 & 2024, Nationals will take place in Columbus, Ohio.

Fine Arts is a customizable program that meets weekly on Wednesdays.


Fun Arts is our K-5th grade program designed to help kids discover and develop their gifts in a fun, safe setting. Kids will sing, dance, act, and create art each week as they strengthen their skills in these areas. They have the opportunity to deploy these gifts at the end of each semester, when we do a theatrical production with all our Fun Arts students. In years past, we have done original musicals, broadway musicals, and a number of Christmas musicals as well. 

Fun Arts does more than just teach fine arts for kids. We have seen over the years that this program helps kids grow in community, social skills, and focus. They will learn to work together, use their memory, observe their surroundings, and participate with confidence. With our incredible teaching team leading them with encouragement, Fun Arts is a safe place for kids who are unsure of their abilities to test them and explore what they love to do. 

Fun Arts is a 2 hour program that meets weekly on Tuesdays from 3-5 PM.


Our Classes
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Our core classes are included in our Fine Arts Program fees. Program fees for 2023/24 are outlines below.

Due Monthly:

Overflow Church Members:

$75/First Student

$25/ Each Addtl. Student


$100/First Student

$25/Each Addtl. Student


Our Specialty Classes are classes outside of our Fine Arts Wednesday night classes. These classes do not compete and can be open to ages other than youth. Each class is priced individually.

Classes run for varying lengths of time. Please be sure to read each class description for individual details.


Our Fine Arts Mentorship program is included in our Fine Arts Program fees. Mentorships are for solo categories or categories where it requires specialized input, but not on a weekly basis.

Examples of Mentorship categories are:

Writing, Photography, Short Sermon, Vocal Solo, Musical Theater, Songwriting, Stand Up Comedy, and more!


Our Private Lessons are for any student looking to learn or advance through one-on-one education time.

For more information on class details, pricing, and scheduling, fill out our registration form and our Performing Arts Center Administrator will reach out.

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